A lot of visitors who rent scooters or mopeds from the Maui Scooter Shack in Kihei have actually never been on a scooter or moped before.  For the newbies, the Maui Scooter Shack offers a quick and easy drivers training.  During this time they cover how the machine operates, how to stop it and how to have a safe ride.


We are going to cover the same topics in detail so you can be prepared before you rent a scooter or moped.



There are two levers on all Mopeds and Scooters from the Maui Scooter Shack that control the brakes.  Typically, the right lever will control the front brake and the left lever will control the rear brake.  When using the brake, squeeze both levers in slowly.  Always grab both brake levers with equal pressure and slowly squeeze both levers in toward the grips.



All Mopeds and Scooter from the Maui Scooter Shack have automatic transmissions.  This means you can simply twist the throttle to accelerate.  Depending on the size of the Moped or Scooter that you rent, you can have either a 49cc motor or a 150cc engine.


For those of you who do not know what the difference is, a 49cc moped typically has a maximum speed of 35mph.  A 150cc moped can have a maximum speed of 50mph.  The larger the motor, the faster the bike will accelerate.  However, to rent a 150cc moped in the state of Hawaii you need a motorcycles license.



There are two different ways to turn on a moped or scooter.  Each way depends on the speed you are traveling. Always make sure to use your turn signal and make sure to shut it off after you turn.


The first way of turning is using the handle bars like you would on a normal bicycle.  This is designed for slow speeds under 10mph.  To execute a slow speed turn, simply pull the handle bar toward you in the direction you would like to turn.  For example, to turn left you would pull the left handle bar toward you and the scooter or moped would turn left.  The same thing happens for the right side.  Pull the right handle bar toward you and the scooter or moped would turn right. The other method of turning the scooter or moped is to lean in the direction you would like to turn.  This method is designed for speeds above 10mph.


Driving on the Road

When you are driving down the road it is common to look around at the breathtaking views paradise has to offer.  Keep a watchful eye on the vehicle ahead of you and travel at a safe distance.


49cc mopeds can ride in the bicycle lane here in Maui, Hawaii.  Be careful for people on bicycles.  They have the right away.  If you find you are approaching someone riding on a bicycle, you must drive the moped back into your lane on the road.  Be sure you check for vehicles because if you are driving in the bike lane, often vehicles will drive a few feet away from you or directly alongside of you.


150cc scooters may not ride in the bicycle lane and are considered a motorcycle by Hawaii’s state law.


Horn Use

Every moped or scooter comes with a horn.



All mopeds and scooters from the Maui Scooter Shack run on regular gasoline.  Gasoline on Maui is usually $4 to $5 a gallon.  The average scooter or moped takes 1 gallon of gas and will be able to be driven for around 70-100 miles before it will need to be filled back up with gasoline.
Tip: keep an eye on your miles and know when you need to fill up.



Only the 150cc scooter can carry 1 passenger.  The 49cc mopeds cannot legally carry a passenger.