When in Maui, go to the Beach and Go Snorkeling

Maui is known for having some of the most amazingly beautiful beaches in the world! People travel from every country in the world to spend time on the valley isle shores soaking up some sun and to go snorkeling. The underwater world that awaits your entry is truly unique.


With brightly colored fish – to lively coral and everything in between, Maui offers one of the best snorkeling experiences anywhere in the world.


Overall, there are 132 different types of fish species in the Hawaiian waters. There are even 17 different shark species out here! But do not worry; sharks attacks are not common on Maui. Hawaiians in the ancient times actually revered sharks and often would hunt side-by-side with sharks to capture their meal!


In Kihei, where Maui Scooter Shack is located, the most common shark you can find along the shore line is the white tip reef shark. Commonly they grow to around 6 foot in length and stay in caves or shaded areas. However, your chances of seeing a shark without knowing where to go or look are very slim.


You have a much better chance of snorkeling with a group of sea turtles! Although there are only 5 types of sea turtles that live in Hawaii, the Honu or “Green Sea Turtle” will be the most common for snorkelers to see. These docile creatures do not mind snorkelers and will go about their way whether you’re watching them or not!


A quick note: Often we see a lot of tourists swimming along with the turtles; few even reach out or attempt to touch the sea turtle. We do not recommend doing either of these activities. Swimming with the turtle might be seemingly harmless, but can quickly take you out of comfortable surroundings and have you swimming in deep 100+ foot water in a very short period of time! This can cause a lot of issues, but mostly bring you out into boating traffic without a proper dive flag which can result in a hefty fine or much worse –injury or death.


Alternatively, reaching out to touch the turtle causes stress for the turtle and could cause the turtle to panic at which point a friendly creature might take a nice bite out of your hand. Remember, it’s best to view nature from a safe distance; the ocean is certainly not a petting zoo.


Why a scooter rental in Maui is ideal to go snorkeling


When you go snorkeling there isn’t much equipment you need. Flippers, dive mask & snorkel are all that is required. Optional equipment might be: rash guard, sun screen, anti-fog spray, diving flag and a dive knife.


A scooter rental can safely and securely store your snorkeling gear under the seat allowing for the diver and rider to focus on their environment and not have to worry about holding a lot of gear while maneuvering around traffic.


Another reason we love scooter rentals in Maui is parking! Parking a regular vehicle can be a task! Land is very expensive in Maui, as a result beach parks often have small – very crowed parking lots which leave a lot of beach goers parking on the street and walking quite some distance to reach the water.


The long, hot walk carrying all your beach gear in the Maui sun is easily avoidable with a scooter rental!


When you arrive at the beach to snorkel, simply drive your scooter rental right up to the car corral and affix the scooter lock to the bike rack and you’re on your way to enjoying the beach and snorkeling!