The Best Transportation in Maui

Nearly 2.5 million people come from all over the world to visit Maui each year, most of which require a vehicle to travel around the valley isle.


When you arrive in Maui, you have only a few choices of transportation.  They are: Public Bus, Car Rentals, Taxi, motorcycle rentals, scooter rentals and moped rentals.


Each will have their own unique advantages & disadvantages that can make or break a relaxing vacation.


Let’s take a further look at each method of transportation:

Public Bus

The official Maui Bus Service Information can be found here:   You will find that the bus provides coverage between various South, Central, West, Haiku and upcountry Maui communities.


Pro’s: The bus runs 7 days a week and on all major holidays.


Con’s: Bus makes several stops that makes walking (or hitching) a faster alternative to a bus ride.  Often, a distance traveled in 15 minutes by car will take 2-3 hours when traveling by bus.


Cost: $2 per ride, daily & monthly passes are available.

Car Rentals

The island offers many car rentals.  The best rentals are available at the airport as the vehicles come with unlimited mileage allowing you to drive as much as required to view as many destinations as you would like.


Pro’s: Car rental gives you the freedom similar to owing your own vehicle.


Con’s:  Other drivers leaving dings, scratches or dents on your rental car that you are responsible for.  Cost of gas is higher on Maui than the rest of the US, expect to pay close to $5/gallon of gasoline.


Cost: Maui is always nice, a convertible would be our choice rental here.  Most convertible rentals start at $100/day.


There are options for taxi transportation services on Maui.  In larger cities where large companies such as Yellow Cab exist, the same will hold true for Maui with larger companies and local taxi drivers running their own business.


Pro’s: Front door pickup and drop-off


Con’s: Taxies are limited in number. If you are in a hurry, make sure to call ahead or you could find yourself waiting up to 1.5 hours for your taxi ride.


Cost: All of the taxies on Maui must share the same rate.  This means your fare for a 10-15 minute ride will cost around $25 each way.

Motorcycle Rentals

Motorcycle rentals in Maui, nothing on the island compares to a Can AM Spyder Motorcycle Rental.  The 3-wheel design provides comfort and safety while you experience first-hand views of this tropical paradise – powered by 998cc’s of pure enjoyment.


Pro’s:  3-wheel support and safety with unrestricted views of the tropical island paradise.


Con’s: Can Am Spyder is a popularactivity, book in advance or the motorcycles might be all rented out during your stay.


Cost:  Less than a car rental!

Scooter & Moped Rentals

Scooter and moped rentals in Maui are by far the best way to travel around Maui.  You can easily ride down the street at 20-30mph and feel comfortable, even if it is your first time!  Drive the Scooter or Moped Rental right to the beach, enjoy special access parking and enjoy your vacation even more!


Pro’s: 70+ mpg & grab your bathing suit when you head to the beach to enjoy front row parking.


Con’s: If you have just arrived on Maui and are looking to stock up groceries for a week or two, a scooter or moped rental isn’t ideal for transporting a large amount of groceries.


Cost: Less than a taxi, motorcycle or car rental!