Advantages to Scooters over Harley Motorcycle Rentals

The scooter rentals in Maui from the Maui Scooter Shack can range from 49cc, to 250cc, to the Can Am Spyder.  Scooters are considered to have a step-through-frame, meaning that unlike a motorcycle rental in Maui, the frame of a scooter is a solid one-piece build that allows the driver and rider to easily step onto the scooter.


The design of the frame creates a comfortable space to where the driver can rest their legs during driving and easily step onto the scooter, dissimilar to a motorcycle where one must toss their leg across the seat.   Scooters are a very popular means of transportation in Kihei and renters are rewarded with numerous parking advantages due to their small, compact size.


Around the US, scooters can be driven without a motorcycle license.  Not on Maui.  Although the scooters engines are typically limited to lower speeds than a motorcycle rental in Maui, anything over 50cc’s requires the driver to have obtained their motorcycles license prior to cruising down the tropical roads.


Scooters are very quiet and calm running machines.  On most models, the engine is mostly concealed by functional body panels that act to dissipate heat through ventilating the hot engine.  On newer models they have the same air ventilation, but they also use a radiator and coolant to ensure optimal running temperatures.


This allows for the driver of the scooter to hop on wearing whatever beach attire they are dressed with that day.  They do not have to worry about wearing shoes and pants to cover their leg from hot engine & exhaust burns commonly associated with driving & riding on motorcycles.


The next advantage comes from the significantly reduction in noise pollution.  Scooters rentals are quiet running machines and the locals will appreciate the break from constant motorcycle engine noise on the popular beach roads.


A quiet machine that also consumes less fuel and expels less exhaust fumes makes a Maui scooter rental from the Maui Scooter Shack a clear advantage over a Harley Motorcycle Rental.