Rental and Budget Transportation

Maui is a dream location for travelers, if you have ever wanted to visit the valley isle or perhaps you visit often, one thing you’ll need is a vehicle to get around the island.


If you were to drive around the entire island, the roads of Maui would show you around 200 miles of breathtaking scenery. 


While the island offers public bus transportation,  the trade-off for how long it takes to reach your destination via $3 bus is not time well spent when you are on vacation.  Recently, we had some friends visit who took the public bus from S. Kihei to the Maalaea Harbor (~7miles) for a sunset diner boat cruise.


This is an easy route to take, normally would average around 10-20 minutes on a scooter… but on this day, just like so many others, the bus ride took over 2.5 hours to reach their destination!   Luckily for them, they had planned to leave a few hours earlier to walk the shops, if not, they would have missed their diner cruise & the sunset!


With the amount of people who visit the island each week, public transportation is not something to rely on when on vacation.  Scooters are a fast, safe, economical & environmentally friendly way to travel on Maui.


Taxi situation on Maui is acceptable as anywhere else in the mainland of the US.  It is not equal to city living.  Call ahead, wait 20-45 minutes and expect to pay around $30-$50 for a local 15-30min one-way trip.


For the majority, a trip to Maui is about rest, relaxation & rejuvenation.   If you have read about the Road to Hana, that is about as far down the road as most will make it.  While that journey is a short distance when looking at the miles, 45 miles in one direction, you can easily spend a day and experience a road like no other and the trails along the way with over 600 turns taking you up and down the beautiful rainforest covered volcano road.


For every adventure short of venturing to Hana, a Maui Scooter Rental is ideal. Pick your scooter up at the Maui Scooter Shack and take the 2wheel ride all over Maui.