10 Great Reasons for Exploring Maui


While any visit to Paradise is bound to be fun, there are several reasons why seeing the sights of Maui on a moped can add a whole new dimension to the experience. And when you combine the advantages of exploring Maui from the seat of a moped with the added benefits of doing it on a moped rental from Maui Scooter Shack, you’ll have even greater confidence that a Maui moped-adventure is the right choice for you. Here are 10 great reasons for making your next visit to Maui even more exciting by renting a moped from Maui Scooter Shack:

1. Feel the wind in your hair.

Not only will the tropical Island breezes make you feel more alive, but you’ll enjoy a feeling of freedom that’s hard to describe until you’ve experienced it. As you explore the sights and sounds and vibrant colors that surround you, enjoying total freedom of movement, you’ll soon discover that your moped rental from Maui Scooter Shack has made the experience a totally memorable one.

2. Breathe in the invigorating Island air.

Enjoy the feeling of vitality you’ll experience as you power along the Maui coast with nothing separating you from the incredible beauty that surrounds you. Become one with the natural elements and potent energies that make this amazing tropical isle one of the most often-visited travel destinations in the world.

3. Enjoy a guided scooter tour of the Maui coast.

Let our experienced tour guides handle all the details for you, taking you on a memorable motorized jaunt to our most revered local beaches and sharing the fascinating history of our area.

4. Experience the wonder of the Islands.

Immerse yourself in the Maui experience, discovering the magic the island holds and learning firsthand why it has been given the well-deserved label “Paradise” by those who visit.

5. See the beauty of Maui close-up.

Drink in the beauty of this tropical oasis with nothing separating you from its natural wonders, while enjoying the extreme maneuverability that gives you more convenient access to the island’s beaches and other stunning landmarks.

6. Embrace the spirit of adventure.

Take this perfect opportunity to raise your vacation experience to the next level by trying something new. Or, if you’re already an experienced Maui moped rider, enjoy the continued excitement of exploring new and interesting corners of the island and adding brand new adventures to your growing collection of vacation stories.

7. Ride in style.

Make a smart and striking impression on all who see you motoring across Maui on your Maui Scooter Shack ride. Our sleek and attractive moped designs will make those who witness you effortlessly and stylishly making the rounds of all the island’s finest attractions wish that they were in your place.

8. Combine excitement with comfort.

Learn just how little energy it takes to embark on an exciting sightseeing adventure in total ease and comfort on our fully automatic mopeds which feature an effortless electric start. Our rider-friendly designs also help ensure your riding comfort.

9. Leave all the work to us.

Enjoy a worry-free vacation, leaving all the maintenance and other less-than-pretty details of moped ownership to us. Travel light and still enjoy the convenience of knowing that “your” moped will be there whenever you need it.

10. Create lasting vacation memories.

Let your Maui Scooter Shack moped rental help you build the kind of vacation experience that will bring a smile to your face for years to come as you recall the fun times that made your visit special.

Visit Maui Scooter Shack at 1794 South Kihei Road in Kihei, Hawaii, for an amazing array of scooter and moped choices that will help you craft the perfect Hawaiian vacation by securing the best transportation method around.