People Watching on Maui, Hawaii


There are so many things to see when you visit Maui that you might just find it a bit overwhelming at first — especially is this is your first visit to the Valley Isle. It’s perfectly normal response to this incredible island paradise, so don’t even give it a second thought. If you’ll just relax and take your time, you’ll soon find that you’ve settled into a comfortable sightseeing routine. You might even discover while you’re having the time of your life, strolling our sandy beaches and enjoying the beauty of this enchanting isle, that people-watching soon captures your imagination, adding as extra layer of enjoyment to your tropical vacation experience.

Rent a Moped to See the Sights — and the People

If seeing the sights and watching the people of Maui are activities you enjoy — and why would you visit this lovely island teeming with tourists if they weren’t? — you’re sure to find that a moped rental from Maui Scooter Shack will add an extra dimension to your visit. In fact, one thing you’ll notice when you visit Kihei is that many of your fellow tourists — and many of our locals as well — will be zipping up and down the streets of town on a scooter or moped from the Shack. It’s the perfect way to do your people-watching, while seeing the other sights of Maui.

People-Watching: A Time-Honored Tradition

People have been watching other people since time immemorial, satisfying their curiosity about their fellow humans as they’ve gone about their days, busily interacting with life and usually totally oblivious to the minor public spectacle they’ve provided for their watcher’s viewing pleasure. Many students of human nature have found it a fascinating pastime that gives them mini glimpses into the lives of others — momentary snapshots that reveal the character, personality, and idiosyncrasies of total strangers while providing subtle insights into themselves.

Enjoying the Local “Scenery” on Your Ride

You may not take people-watching quite that seriously, but you’ll still enjoy it just as much if you think of it as an entertaining way to enjoy the local “scenery.” Since we’re all part of that scenery in one way or another, we all get to play the dual role of “watcher” and “watched.” It’s all part of the people-watching game, and one of the little things that make life so exciting.

As you ride your shiny moped rental through the streets of Kihei, you’ll be fascinated by the colorful personalities of your fellow tourists who have traveled from many different parts of the world to play a bit part in your Maui adventure. You’ll find every one so amazingly different and yet in many ways still so strangely the same. Your journey through the streets of downtown Kihei will yield a fascinating study in human nature — not just with our tourists but our locals as well — and the experience will rival the many natural wonders you’ll discover on every part of the island.

Take a Scooter Tour and Have Even More Fun

While here in Maui, you may want to give one of our popular scooter tours a test run. You’ll love the freedom you enjoy riding along the coast with the wind in your hair as you explore our beautiful beaches and other tourist attractions and learn many fascinating facts about the island and its history. You’ll learn all the best local spots to visit and will be offered the opportunity to ride off and explore on your own once the tour is complete, returning your scooter to Maui Scooter Shack later that day or early the following morning.

Combining your enjoyment of our many island attractions with your Maui Scooter Shack moped rental or scooter tour will give you a unique view of our island and its wonders — all while providing a fascinating glimpse into the people who add the human dimension to your perfect Hawaiian vacation.