Some Spectacular Sights You Might Catch While Visiting Maui

(Picture of 1 Humpback Whale Crashing into the Water as 2 are Breaching
Captured by: Derek Abbring in Maui, Hawaii)

When you visit Hawaii’s Valley Isle you’ll love the combination of vigorous outdoor activities and beautiful natural sights that can add a special magic to your stay. One activity that many people enjoy while on the island is to stop by Maui Scooter Shack and take one of our moped rentals out for a spin. In fact, we have many regulars who drop in often because it’s hard to resist zipping around town on our beautiful rides.

See the Sights by Scooter

Riding one of our fully automatic, electric ignition scooters can be a wonderful way to see the local sights without worrying about needing a special license to drive them. Our 49 cc mopeds and scooters are perfect for riding around the streets of Kihei. For traveling longer distances, outside of town, our 150 cc models are ideal. You’ll be able to use these machines to visit our scenic sandy beaches, view the natural wonders of the island, and feel the tropical breezes against your skin — a truly revitalizing way to see the area. Those with a motorcycle license who want a little more power beneath them as they ride will find our three-wheel Can Am Spyder rentals to be a blast.

Nature’s Local Attractions

The variety of attractions the area holds is virtually endless, offering opportunities to view the humpback whales, our area’s incredible diversity of other uniquely beautiful marine life, and a variety of other naturally occurring and human-embellished local phenomena.

Humpback Whales

If you visit Maui between November and April, you’ll be able to get a look at the dramatically spouting and leaping humpback whales that migrate to the area during the winter mating season to breed — an awe-inspiring sight. The Valley Isle is well-known for its visiting humpback whale population, which never fails to create a stir and which always provides an exciting attraction for locals and visitors alike. While many of the humpbacks that live in the Pacific Ocean enter the waters surrounding the other Hawaiian Islands as well as Maui, these whales seem to have a special fondness for the waters of Maui, which means that if you’re planning a visit during the winter season, you’re in luck.

Other Diverse Marine Life

The whales are by no means the only sea life you’ll see on Maui. If you decide to go snorkeling or scuba diving — two of the area’s most popular activities — and sometimes even from our local beaches, you’ll be treated to such amazing marine creatures as the Hawaiian green sea turtle, raccoon butterfly fish, and slate pencil sea urchin. You’ll also spot sea cucumbers, eels, manta rays, octopi, dolphins, and seals. There’s really no end to the beauty you’ll see in the waters surrounding Maui, not the least of which will come from the coral reefs that sustain the sea life that surrounds them.

maui moonbow


If you’re really lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of the incredible nocturnal phenomenon known as a moonbow! What’s a moonbow, you ask? It’s a lunar rainbow that appears only when weather conditions are just right. Don’t hold your breath, because moonbows don’t happen very often, and unless you’re awake very late, you’re not likely to see one. But, it does happen, so keep your eyes open. If you do enjoy the privilege of seeing one, consider yourself lucky. Moonbows are a spectacular celestial event that many a Maui resident and visitor have been quite amazed to see — and if this unusual event does happen during your visit, you’ll definitely have a story to tell your friends and family, and you might even catch it on film!

Plan to take advantage of as much of the natural beauty of the gorgeous island of Maui as you can while you’re here. But, realize that there’s so much more to see and do than you’ll ever be able to fit into a single visit. So, you’ll simply have to plan a return engagement! And when you do return, the people at Maui Scooter Shack will be waiting with the moped or scooter rental that will help make your visit even more exciting!